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The strengths and weaknesses of the class.

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  • 1. Instructors with Expertise Teaching Experiences at University Institutions
    Korean Teachers’ License

    2. Personalized one-on-one class Practice Korean at your personal level
    One-on-one feedback

    3. Systematic Curriculum Self-designed Curriculum
    Self-developed learning materials
    From introductory level to advanced

    4. Diverse Learning Courses Speaking, Pronunciation, Reading·Writing
    TOPIK Test Prep
    Learning current culture, affairs, interview prep

The best Teacher

Introduce the best and differentiated Teacher!


Expert of Korean Language Education
Professional Instructor for the Wholistic Curriculum

Super-skills from 10-year-long Korean Language teaching experience at university institutions!
Will help you learn Korean through and through!


Top Instructor in every area,
including Speaking, Writing, and TOPIK

A faithful and helpful friend
on your long journey of learning Korean!

홍윤경 Yunkyung Hong

Expert of Korean Language Education

Starting with the basics of Korean!
To communicate in authentic and trending Korean!

조민영 Minyoung Cho

Extensive Experience and Expertise
Will take your Korean to another level

easy to understand, just right for your level!
Wish to learn advanced Korean? You're at the right place!

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Delivers differentiated and varied feedback

  • Calendar

    My class status, daily class evaluation, hold, etc.
    provides various class information

  • LevelTest

    It provides various analysis and results
    for my level test.

  • Monthly Report

    We provide a monthly evaluation
    of the class.

Improve your Korean!

YOUJAM KOREAN guides you to improve your Korean skills
with a one-on-one personal class with expertise.

High quality classes.

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Best review of the Class

Let me introduce the students' best reviews.

  • Review of 2 Months

    I was so lucky to have known YOUJAM for learning Korean. My teacher was very responsible and patient with me. With her lectures, my Korean has improved greatly. The teacher is experienced, has abundant knowledge, and could catch my problems and present proper learning methods. -China, Sun Hee-beom (21)

  • Recommended for TOPIK test preparation

    Hello, I studied TOPIK at YOUJAM Korean. My teacher really worked hard with me, gave me work to do every day, and gave her best in every class. I am so glad that I have gotten to know this course and would like to recommend it to everyone. I hope you crash your TOPIK as well! -Turkey, Epeer (20)

  • Korean class that even beginners can learn

    I learned how to have basic conversations in Korean for about three months, and I can say that I am sure anyone without any knowledge of Korean can learn the language. I would like to express my gratitude to Ms. Kim. Ms. Kim was excellent when it came to the quality and detail of her teaching. She asked me whether I understood every little detail and did not hesitate to repeat herself over and over until I fully grasped the concepts and questions. -China, Song Sung (25)

  • The best way to learn Korean

    I started learning Korean last August. My teacher was really patient and attentive. She taught each and every part that I did not understand. Also, she was such a professional when it came to teaching, from pronunciation to grammar, which enabled me to learn and understand easily. I could say that I got more than I expected from only two months of studying Korean. -China, Lim Mi-yeon (21)

  • I recommend taking classes at YOUJAM KOREAN!

    You will get a lot of help as long as you follow YOUJAM KOREAN class. I learned a lot, especially from practicing problem-solving for different question types. I recommend taking classes at YOUJAM KOREAN if you are studying Korean for TOPIK. The instructor was so nice, and I could truly share my joy of passing this exam with my instructor. -Frisca (21), Indonesia, a student preparing to study abroad in Korea

  • I passed the TOPIK exam in two months!

    My Korean skills were not so great. I decided to take YOUJAM KOREAN course since my test scores were getting worse and worse. I could study while having a lot of fun, which is much better than studying by myself using Youtube or books. And finally, I could pass TOPIK. I cannot imagine how long it would have taken me to pass this exam. I owe my teacher at YOUJAM KOREAN. Thank you! -Rui zhi (24), China, University student

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